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Compliance Consulting

What belongs in my driver files?
Are my maintenance records up-to-date?
Are my driversí log books correct?

Are you in compliance with all the motor carrier regulations?

With the hundreds of laws and rules governing the trucking industry and new laws being placed in effect every year, it can be difficult to understand what is required. Compliance audits can be very costly if you are not prepared, with the fines running into the thousands or even shutting the doors on some businesses. Liability suits for incidents when out of compliance can also be more expensive.

You have a business to run with other areas that need your attention. Why not let me help you get a better score on your next audit and protect you from costly liable suits.

I have eight years experience in motor carrier compliance, covering everything from driver files to vehicle maintenance records. I stay well informed about the rules and regulations so you can devote more of your time to running your business.


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